Dealing with Difficult People

4 tips to deal with difficult people

It requires a lot of effort to deal with difficult people. However, if you follow these 4 tips then it will be easier for you to face them the next time around. Difficult people cover everyone such as owners, employees, and even customers. At times, we are the ones becoming difficult to deal with. These 4 tips to deal with difficult people, if consistently practiced, will result to a harmonious relationship with everyone else.

Keep your composure

The heat is on! Customers nagging at you, owners keep on blaming you for the not-so-positive financial results, and co-employees always gossiping about you and who never get contented in life. These are ordinary events that you face every day. Amidst the darkness, always be in the light when dealing with difficult people. In other words, keep your composure at all times. It does not help that you strike head on while the heat is on. This is not the proper time to “strike while the iron is hot” otherwise the problem will worsen. Remember, if the other party is in “darkness,” stay in the “light.”

Be proactive

Focus on the resolution, not on the problem. It does not help that you focus on the problem when dealing with difficult people. One way to become proactive is to listen attentively to what the other party is saying. The common problem is people tend to listen in order to respond. Not all conversations need response. Who knows, the other party just needs to air out his/her concerns and you just become the “sacrificial lamb” who happens to be there.

Focus on the issue, not on the person

In dealing with difficult people, you are tempted to quickly pass judgment to them. “Ad Hominem” does not help. Ad Hominem pertains to attacking the person instead of the issue. If you were able to watch debates, the debaters focus on the issue at hand and not on their opponents. Same is true with dealing with difficult people.

Take the lead

Ensure that you are on the lead when you deal with difficult people. Do not be carried away by their emotions. Do not always agree with what they say just to get rid of them. Always remember that your goal is to have a peaceful resolution to the problem and not to get rid of it.

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