Motivate Your Employees

4 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees

There are many ways to motivate your employees. I will focus on 4 effective ways to motivate them. Apparently, this is one of the hot topics in the corporate world. In the Business Outsourcing Industry (BPO), the management is thinking about a lot of “gimmicks” to prevent their employees from experiencing burn out. Gimmicks may be effective but only in the short-term. Below are timeless tips to motivate your employees.

Show your trust to them

One way to motivate your employees is by showing that you trust them. Many owners tend to micromanage their employees. Though there are advantages of that management style but it will create a feeling of distrust in the long term. You may start by saying “I give you my full trust in this project.” With that being said, the employees will start to feel being “important” to the organization. Trusting them does not mean that you will not anymore supervise their work. Of course, you still have to. By trusting, it gives the employees the freedom to figure out how to make things work in his/her own way.

Make them understand their purpose

A lot of employees get burned out because they eventually feel their lack of relevance to the organization. They do not anymore see the purpose of what they are doing. Why am I recording entries? Why am I taking calls? Why am I teaching? Once these questions start to manifest in them, it will result to unproductivity. To motivate your employees, make them understand their purpose in the organization. Make them understand how recording transactions affect management decisions by letting them know the actual decision that was made because of their help.

Give reasonable time frame

Giving reasonable time frame is an effective way to motivate your employees. Yes, there are times that urgent matters pop up. If deadlines are set into a reasonable time frame, the employees will not feel overwhelmed. They will be given enough time to digest the information and learn how to mix the new task to their routine because they need to.

Recognize their accomplishments

Recognizing accomplishments is a classic way to motivate your employees. You do not have to spend for a celebration to recognize them. A simple pat on the back will already give a positive message to them. You may also put a note on your employee’s computer with a congratulatory message for a job well done. This motivational strategy is non-monetary but will surely have a great impact on their performance.

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